Thank You Notes

Children, parents and case managers often share with us the impact we are making.

“Thank you for making my birthday so special.  This was my 10th birthday, and it was the best I ever had.” Sarah, 10

“I loved the blanket you gave me for my birthday!  My sister and I snuggle with it when we’re watching TV.  It made my birthday nice.”   – Emily, 10

 “Me and my brother have fun playing with my football. I am teaching him how to throw.” – Elias, 12

 “We appreciate what Birthday Joy is about. No child should be robbed of the joys of a normal childhood just because of their family or living situation. These birthday gifts give the kids a sense of normalcy and tradition that they would most likely not otherwise have. It is such a joy to see their faces light up when they are given a gift.” – Family Resource Center Representative

“I love my pillow pet. I take her everywhere.” – Maggie, 7

 “Everything in my birthday present is pink. That is my favorite color.”4-year old girl

“I bought a new CD with my birthday gift card. It is nice to have something new to listen to on the bus to school.” – Tasha, 17

“I’m not sure he even knew what to do with it – it was like no one had ever celebrated his birthday before.  Then he got this big smile, he grabbed the ball, and I knew we’d made his day.” – Case Manager

“Some of our kids have never received gifts on their birthday. This is very important to them. Thank you for providing this to them.” – Case Manager

“Thank you very much for taking the time to pick up birthday gifts. I saw a child leaving to go home one evening with his mother holding his gift. He was so excited to show her and they were looking at it on the picnic table in the playground. That was a very special memory for him and her I believe.” – Our Little Haven Representative